Simone Faurschou is an award-winning jeweller and artist from Copenhagen. As a graduate of Central Saint Martin’s renowned Jewellery Design BA, Simone was a finalist in the celebrated collaboration with Swarovski, and nominated for the LVMH’s graduate project by her professors. Since graduating Simone has been working as a jewellery designer and consultant for various international jewellery companies and is now also running her own eponymous studio.

Simone made her mark in the fine jewellery sphere with her exquisite craftsmanship, immersive 3D visuals and experimental approach to jewellery design bridging the physical and the digital. Her artistic practice is an artisanal approach based on traditional methods of goldsmithing combined with the use of innovative technologies, exploring the symbiosis of natural and artificial that we experience every day. 

At the studio of Simone Faurschou, jewellery is considered a transformative force that transcends boundaries and unites multi-disciplinary techniques with intricate artisanal craftsmanship. Simone’s ambition to reinvent the jewellery space as the engine of innovation, pushing forward sustainability as second nature and materiality is mirrored in its inter-disciplinary approach to design where a strong narrative is at the heart of every piece she creates. 

Exploring new forms of expression for a more meaningful, diverse and conscious future, Simone Faurschou’s aim is to craft timeless pieces that explore the current state of things. Providing tangibility to the intangible, while simultaneously turning consumers into investors with her limited editions, each collection builds on the previous one to develop a world of pieces that can be cherished and passed down in generations.